Introducing My New Podcast, Phillip Wylie Show

Introducing My New Podcast, Phillip Wylie Show

I have enjoyed my podcast hosting journey. It started with The Uncommon Journey on ITSPmagazine with cohosts Alyssa Miller and Chloé Messdaghi. Before that, I hosted two webinar series for Bugcrowd, which interested me in podcasting. The Uncommon Journey ran for around a year, but the busy schedules of the three of us on top of potential guests made it challenging, leading to The Uncommon Journey's end. ITSPmagazine asked me to host my own podcast. In April 2021, The Hacker Factory Podcast started, and in April 2023, I celebrated two years of notable guests, origin stories, and career advice. One of the highlights of The Hacker Factory Podcast was recording an episode at RSA Conference Broadcast Alley featuring my friends, Jason Haddix, Daniels Miessler, and Ben Sadeghipour, aka NahamSec discussing the topic of cybersecurity content creators. The episode can be found here Cybersecurity Content Creators.

In April 2023, I started a new podcast, the Phillip Wylie Show. I decided to create a new independent podcast at the recommendation of some friends and fellow content creators. This gives me complete control and the freedom to follow my creativity. This allows me to make it a seamless part of my brand. The name came from the recommendation of my friends and fellow content creators. I was a guest on David Bombal’s Show recently. It can be found here; Pentester Blueprint: Your Road to Success. After recording the episode, I asked David’s advice on YouTube content creation and my new podcast name. He recommended that I use my name since that is the brand I want to build. The name recognition using my name makes it easier for people looking for content created by me to find it, and it also is self-explanatory who hosts the podcast. I do a lot of conference speaking, and using my name will make it organically easier to find my content.

The podcast format is similar in some episodes to The Hacker Factory Podcast, but some will be more technical. I have had too narrow of a focus in the past and later expanded it. The Hacker Factory Podcast was meant to be focused on offensive security, but I realized the need for all areas of cybersecurity. The Phillip Wylie Show is available in video and audio-only versions. Video episodes can be found on YouTube and Spotify. Both podcasts can be found on your favorite podcast platform. If you like the podcasts, please share, and follow. I hope you enjoy them!

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