Jumpstarting your Pentesting Career with The Pentester Blueprint Webinar

Join Phillip Wylie for a live webinar on Friday, May 19, 2023.
Use the following link to join: https://streamyard.com/watch/EdSX2yqQEzNz


Concept creator and co-author of “The Pentester BluePrint: Starting a Career as an Ethical Hacker,” Phillip Wylie, will help you create your personal blueprint to jumpstart your career as a pentester. In this workshop, concepts from the book will be discussed, as well as content from his conference presentation, “Pentesting experience and how to get it.”

Topics covered:

  • The foundations of pentesting, including basic IT skills like operating systems, networking, and security systems
  • The development of hacking skills and a hacker mindset
  • Where to find educational options, including college and university classes, security training providers, volunteer work, and self-study
  • Which certifications and degrees are most helpful in gaining employment as a pentester
  • How to get experience in the pentesting field, including labs, CTFs, and bug bounties (including updated content from the conference presentation, “Pentesting experience, and how to get it.”
  • How to do a skills assessment and gap analysis to build your education plan
  • Building a personal brand and content creation

Other available platforms to watch include: